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Onglyza Kombiglyze Heart Failure


judge-gavel[1] The attorneys at Sanders Phillips Grossman are ready to help with injuries sustained by a defective product. Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC is a joint venture firm of Phillips Law Firm and Sanders Viener Grossman merging the best of the West Coast and East Coast's top Mass Tort Firms to join forces against America's greediest drug and medical device companies.

Defective Product Claims

spilled-pills[1] Sanders Phillips Grossman takes defective drug and device cases throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The experienced attorneys of Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC can handle your claim nationally in any and all states. No matter where you live throughout the united states, we are able to help. Contact us for a no fee consultation to discuss your claim.

Our Mass Tort Services

Our attorneys are currently handling cases for those injured by the following defective drugs or defective device. Click on any of the links below to learn more about what damages are currently being investigated to possibly receive compensation.

What is a Mass Tort Claim?

A mass tort is a single tort (offense) that results in similar-injury to many victims, and therefore involves numerous plaintiffs suing one defendant (or several defendants) who acted negligently to a general group of people. In most mass tort cases, the various individual plaintiffs must sue based on side effectscased by a single common product. Two of the most frequent mass tort claims are:
  • Consumer product claims: Many plaintiffs might sue together seeking compensation for injuries (or even deaths) caused by dangerous products.
  • Pharmaceutical claims: Many prescription and over the counter drugs and remedies intended to help you can be dangerous or deadly and create unfavorable side effects that the public was most likely not warned against.

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