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Years of Experience

Our combined attorneys have years of productive experience in claims against medical companies.

Defective drugs are pharmaceuticals with side effects that potentially harm, injure, or kill the patient to the point that they outweigh the drug’s intended benefits. In the case of serious personal injury or wrongful death from the side effects of defective drugs

Mass Tort Specialists

Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC is set up to focus on Mass Tort claims against pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical companies are some of the largest, wealthiest, and most influential corporate entities in the world. It takes an extremely experienced and savvy team of attorneys to handle a defective drug lawsuit.

Who is Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC?

Douglas Sanders

Mr. Sanders brings the success and history of ‘helping people’ of The Sanders Firm to the team at Sanders Phillips Grossman from operations to management as well as client relations and satisfaction.

Glenn Phillips

Glenn Phillips believes in fighting for justice for real people. He has been practicing since 1984 and has tried over 100 civil jury trials.

Marc Grossman

Since beginning his law career in 1993, Mr. Grossman has focused on representing large groups of plaintiffs against common defendants.

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