Biomet Hip Implant

Biomet is the manufacturer of the second-most widely used total metal-on-metal hip implant system, according to the July 12, 2012, edition of the Chicago Tribune. Johnson & Johnson manufactures the number-one most widely used hip implant via its DePuy Orthopaedic subsidiary. J&J’s and Biomet’s hip implant businesses have something else in common: They’re both defending against lawsuits alleging their metal-on-metal hip replacement systems caused severe personal injury.

The M2A Magnum Hip System

A huge group of  the lawsuits against Biomet, all of which allege damages stemming from the company’s metal-on-metal M2a Magnum Hip System, were consolidated in a multidistrict litigation action in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana in the autumn of 2012.

The 2001 Recall of Hip Implants Containing Potentially Defective Component

More than a decade ago, before the M2a Magnum Hip System was approved by the FDA, Biomet was dealing with problems stemming from other Biomet hip implant products: The company voluntarily recalled Biomet hip prostheses that included a potentially defective component, a zirconia ceramic femoral (thigh bone) head.

Symptoms of Hip Replacement Failure

Symptoms of hip replacement failure include:

  • Hip pain;
  • A grinding sensation in the hip region; and
  • Hip replacement failure preceded by an audible popping sound.

Surgery is necessary when the hip replacement system manufactured by any company has failed.

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